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As we age, the automatic process of exfoliation and cell renewal slows down. Sometimes the body needs a little help.

Microdermabrasion is a  cosmetic procedure in which the stratum corneum  (dead outermost surface of the skin) is partially or completely removed by light abrasion.
The removal of the dead skin cells reveals the softer more youthful looking skin cells underneath.
The superficial abrasion of the skin also activates the body’s own natural repair mechanism which triggers the production of new collagen and releases glycoaminoglycans in order to rehydrate and replenish the recently abraded area. This has a remarkable softening action on surface lines and wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion can also be used to treat sun-damaged skin and to improve acne but must be repeated periodically to be effective. Different microdermabrasion methods are used to exfoliate the skin.


CACI uses Orbital Microdermabrasion which uses a hand piece that rotates at different speeds on an elliptical axis. Instead of using exfoliating crystals, orbital abrasion utilizes a selection of disposable, abrasive treatment tips coated with a layer of silicon carbide to either superficially or deeply exfoliate the stratum corneum.

The orbital rotation of the abrasive treatment tip performs a progressive and controlled skin exfoliation and polishes and massages the skin at the same time.

Combine with Light Therapy

The CACI Ultimate is the only treatment system to offer the combination of crystal free orbital Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy.

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