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How long does a standard manicure/pedicure take?
50 - 60 mins for either normal polish or Shellac

What is the difference between Shellac and normal polish?
Shellac is cured and lasts a lot longer than normal polish, plus there is no drying time.

How long will a Shellac manicure last?
2 - 3 weeks if treated with the appropriate care

How long will a Shellac pedicure last?
2 - 3 months if treated with the appropriate care

Can I remove Shellac at home?
No, you need to attend a salon for the correct removal. Do not peel the Shellac off as this can damage your nail.

Will Shellac damage my nails?
No, but a break every 3rd or 4th treatment is recommended.

How many Shellac colours do you offer?
We have the full range of Shellac colours including glitter.

Can glitter or gems be applied?
Yes, we have a wide range of glitter and gems.

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