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How long does the hair have to be before I can start sugaring?
For the first couple of treatments the longer the hair is the better – about a quarter of an each is great to begin with, as you have further treatments the hair can be shorter.

How long will the treatment last?
Everyone is individual but the general rule of thumb is approximately 4 - 6 weeks

How long will it take for my legs to be silky smooth after sugaring?
It will take 2-3 treatments to remove all the shaving stubble and leave your legs silky smooth.

When is the best time to start sugaring?
The best time to start is in the colder months as by the time spring/summer arrives the hair growth will be so much finer, fairer and sparser that you will not notice them in between treatments.

Will it hurt?
The first time is always the worst as the large bulbs resulting from shaving have to be removed, once these have been removed the new bulb that grows to produce the replacement hair is a lot smaller and therefore easier to remove. With repetitive treatments the bulb becomes weaker and weaker producing a much finer & fairer hair, until eventually the hair diminishes completely.

Will the hair regrowth be course?
Definitely not, when the hair regrows it will be finer, fairer and eventually after a long period of treatment,  nothing at all. Each bulb has a certain amount of times to regenerate itself and once that has been reached the hair can no longer grow so you end up with bald patches on the treated area.

If I have my face sugared will the hair grow back thicker and stubbly
The hair on the face is no different to the hair on the body therefore regrowth will be finer, fairer and eventually nothing at all.

What do I wear to have my bikini area sugared?
Just wear your normal knickers or if you prefer a pair of bikini bottoms.

How long will the treatment take?
Half leg will take approx                      30 mins,
Full leg approx                                      50 mins
Full leg and bikini line approx            60 mins
Bikini Line or under arm approx         15mins
Eyebrows or top lip approx                10 mins

Will sugaring remove my tan?
No, just the top layer of dry skin. In fact, if you have sugaring before a holiday your tan will last longer.

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